Habitat Restoration
San Bruno Mountain Gorse Control and Habitat Restoration Project, County of San Mateo: May & Associates, Inc. as a subconsultant to Shelterbelt Builders Inc., provides project management and oversight for a 22-acre gorse (Ulex europeas) removal project on San Bruno Mountain. The gorse removal project is being conducted in collaboration with the San Bruno Mountain Habitat Conservation Plan and the San Mateo County Department of Parks and Recreation. May and Associates, Inc. has prepared GIS maps of the project area identifying access routes and locations of sensitive species, implemented protective measures for sensitive species, provided oversight of contractors performing removal activities, designed and implemented monitoring protocols to assess project success, and created public education materials. Additionally, May and Associates will be developing and implementing a model revegetation project within the gorse removal area, and will be continuing to provide project oversight for the duration of the four year project. Ongoing, 2004 – 2008.
Dry Creek Watershed Red Sesbania Control Project, Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency: May & Associates, Inc. is managing this large-scale habitat restoration project for the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (SAFCA) over 40 linear miles of Dry Creek in Sacramento and Placer Counties. The project consists of removing large and extensive infestations of the invasive non-native tree Red Sesbania (Sesbania punicea), and following up with several years of re-treatment of resprouting stumps and new seedlings. May & Associates is managing and coordinating contractors conducting the physical removal and herbicide application, and is responsible for compliance with agency permits. May & Associates is responsible monitoring removal and treatment methods and timing for effectiveness as well as maintaining the ecological integrity of the creek during project implementation. Ongoing, 2003 to 2007.
American River Parkway Invasive Plant, County of Sacramento: May & Associates, Inc has acted as Program Managers for the American River Parkway Invasive Plant Management Program since 2001. For this project, we have prepared work plans for weed removal of 653 acres of weeds on the American River Parkway(Phase 1) and 800 acres of weeds (Phase 2). We have also conducted baseline field surveys and update weed mapping, prepared a GIS database of weeds, treatments, and restoration activities over the life of the project. This information has helped land managers better plan and implement weed control activities and restoration in the Parkway. May & Associates, also developed bid specifications; assisted with selection of contractors; assisted with development of a stewardship program and oversaw volunteer projects. Since 2003, we have provided oversight of both contractor and volunteer removal of over 800 acres of weeds throughout the entire 23-mile long American River Parkway. Assisted with grant applications, culmination in award of over 4 grants to date. Ongoing, 2001 to 2007.
Mattress Wire Weed Control Study, The Presidio Trust of San Francisco: As a subcontractor to the Presidio Trust, May & Associates, Inc. prepared an adaptive management study for controlling mattress wire weed (Muehlenbeckia complexa), conducted oversight of removal activities, created and implemented monitoring studies, and trained Presidio Trust staff in monitoring methodology. This relatively new invasive species has been spreading rapidly at the Presidio, threatening natural habitats. Results of the study will be used to develop invasive plant control actions and assist in guiding management activities in other parts of the Presidio where mattress wire weed has increasingly invaded natural areas. Ongoing, 2004-2005.
East Fort Baker Tree Removal Project, National Park Service: May and Associates, Inc. under contract with the National Park Service, conducted pre-construction surveys, implemented protective measures, and prepared bid specs for a small Eucalyptus removal project adjacent to endangered Mission blue butterfly habitat in East Fort Baker (GGNRA). Additionally, May and Associates, Inc. also performed construction monitoring during tree removal and conducted pre- and post- project photomonitoring in order to document project success. September 2004.
Golden Gate Bridge Mission Blue Butterfly Habitat Restoration Project, Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District: May & Associates, Inc. planned, permitted, and implemented an 18-acre habitat restoration program for an endangered species, the Mission blue butterfly. Also conducted Section 7 consultation with USFWS and ensured project compliance with the Biological Opinion, coordinated with the project sponsor (the National Park Service), prepared site management plans, conducted large-scale weed removal of French broom and Monterey pine, and collected native seeds and installed native plantings. Subsequently conducted photo documentation and vegetation monitoring to assess project success. Subconsultant to The Duffey Company. 1995 to 2002.
Golden Gate Park, Lakes Rehabilitation Program (Implementation Phase),City and County of San Francisco: May & Associates, Inc. was retained in summer 2002 to assist with the construction phase of this project. May & Associates, Inc. biologists provide preconstruction clearance of wildlife that inhabit the lakes and surrounding work area; provide outreach and education to the public and construction workers; and undertake as-needed wildlife protections during construction. The construction-related work is ongoing. This interesting project will include the relocation of nonnative turtles and fish, native turtles, and protection of native and nonnative mammals, songbirds, and nesting raptors. Following construction, the lakes will be enhanced for wildlife values, resulting in a net benefit to wildlife species that inhabit Golden Gate Park. 1997 to Ongoing.
Golden Gate Park Lakes Rehabilitation Project, City and County of San Francisco: May & Associates, Inc. prepared the biological section of the Park Master Plan EIR. Assisted with lakes edge design specifically to increase wildlife habitat within the park. Prepared waterfowl enhancement and wildlife management plans to ensure protection of wildlife during lakes rehabilitation, and an overall increase in habitat values after construction is complete. Provide assistance with relocation of biological resources (turtles, fish) in the lakes before and during construction. Subconsultant to The Duffey Company. Ongoing, 1995 to present.
Spreckles and Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park: Assisted Royston, Hanamoto, Alley & Abey and the City and County of San Francisco with biological assistance in determining low-cost and effective solutions to the water quality and fish population problems at Spreckles Lake. Subconsultant to Duffey Company. Ongoing, 2002 to 2005.
Staten Island Easement Document, The Nature Conservancy: May & Associates, Inc. assisted The Nature Conservancy with documenting baseline biological and man-made features at the newly-acquired Staten Island preserve. Ongoing, 2003 to present.
Warm Springs Unit Vernal Pool Preserve, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Assisted San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge with developing a series of stand-alone monitoring plans for vernal pool vegetation and Contra Costa goldfields, upland annual grassland, invasive plant species, and residual dry matter to assess the effectiveness of the grazing program. Following plan development May & Associates Inc. conducted field training for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service personnel using the sampling methods proposed in the plans. 2002.
Oak Mitigation and Monitoring, Darkhorse Golf Course: Assisted Darkhorse LLC with development of an oak mitigation and monitoring plan for the Darkhorse Phase II residential development. Also provided wetland mitigation, oak mitigation, and open space monitoring and reporting.
Patterson Gardens Riparian: May & Associates, Inc. conducted baseline surveys to help assist developer in creation of a riparian park in a new subdivision in Patterson, California. Following a baseline survey, May & Associates, Inc. put together a planting table to assist with the plantings of native plant species. Subconsultant to Foxglove Environmental. Ongoing, 2003 to present.
Renzel Marsh Enhancement, Palo Alto Baylands: The City of Palo Alto received funding to enhance the Renzel Marsh to improve habitat conditions for the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse (Reithrodontomys raviventris raviventris). The enhancement project consisted of re-introducing tidal flow from the San Francsico Bay to the remnant sal marsh habitat onsite. May & Associates, Inc. conducted a habitat analysis comparing historical maps with current site conditions. Subconsultant to Larry Walker Associates. 2002.
Rancho Seco Open Space Area, Sacramento Municipal Utility District: Prepared a grazing management plan for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s Rancho Seco Open Space Area with emphasis on managing grazing to minimize impacts on vernal pools and other wetland habitats. Established forage production for each pasture and stocking rates based on overall site carrying capacity and grazing season. Subconsultant to Assequed and Associates. 1999.

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